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Every week my calendar has at least one coffee, lunch, dinner date or other time dedicated to meeting with and getting to know my peers. I’ve learned that in order to be successful – you have to have a strong network of friends. I was blessed to have befriended Ashley Stone, the tireless entrepreneur and owner of Beauty Entourage, back while I was planning my wedding. As my friend she has not only become a valuable source of knowledge but also the person that completely understands this world of small business ownership and a constant source of encouragement.

I know that sometimes owning a business can be lonely, confusing and downright frustrating, So, I decided to dedicate this space on my blog to my thoughts, questions, fears, findings, inspiration and everything else that comes along with owning a small business. I’m really hoping that this weekly blog becomes a source of inspiration and education for others and a place where I can keep it real with other small business owners because owning a business is hard work! I decided to call it “Champagne Toasts” because I imagine that if I were face to face with everyone reading this blog we’d be enjoying a flute of bubbly champagne while noshing on cupcakes and all the other bad stuff. 

Next week I’ll kick of this series talking about Self Doubt.

Until then…happy planning!



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