I met Lauren in a chance encounter when I started my first job in the wedding industry! We clicked, and the rest is history. 

I spent most of my career in Corporate America until, like Lauren, I decided it really wasn’t for me. I left my safe job and began freelancing, which is when I became a part of the Co. 

I am the girl who takes your ideas and literally bring them to life by setting it all up while you get ready on your big day. To some, it is the tedious work of a wedding, but for me (and my perfectionist personality) it is all in the details. Each charger, each candle, each centerpiece placed just right. Watching a room transform is my absolute favorite! 

free spirit, yet another gemini, and a combat boot wearing dreamer

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My little family. I was just married in February and my husband, dog Jack, and cat Tuxedo live in a little house in CT. When I walk into our house I get all the feels because I know this is the groundwork for our forever.

My husband, NIck! Nick somehow manages to keep a cool head about EVERYTHING, even when I am going out my mind. I am a very deep, feeling, and emotional human and he is the perfect counter to that. He always brings me back down to Earth and reminds me of what is important and what is taking up unnecessary space in my brain. He believes in me and reminds me often of all I am capable of. He is my biggest fan, and a blessing in its truest form. 

Every female out there doing the damn thing! I have a Girl Boss obsession. I love learning and picking the brains of those who have created something for themselves. Part of the reason I am a part of the Lauren O & Co team!

I too love me some reality tv. When I first met Lauren we bonded over Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. I get so invested into the characters, I would be walking around showing off Omari and Apryl’s baby like he was my friend. I also really like the Shahs of Sunset. I love to see how the other half lives-Endless vacations, huge homes, an unnecessary number of cars-I am fascinated by it all. 

I’d sell my house, buy an RV, take my husband, dog and cat and drive around the country chasing sunsets for the rest of our days. I’ve always wanted to live that gypsy life. 

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Follow along with a recently engaged #laurenobride as she navigates planning her wedding.

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