Lauren O & Co. was created after I was given the opportunity to assist in planning a wedding and quickly realized that I was all about it.

Coming from the corporate world as a project manager, organizing chaos is something I excelled at. Give me all the little details and I will create something from them! Not much gets me more excited than a well-thought-out plan, a nicely put together timeline, and then the execution: watching all the hard work come to life.

More than anything though, I love solving a problem for someone, leaving a smile on their face. No obstacle can stop me and I admit, I'm a bit bossy! We'll fix up whatever happened and move along! You give me a leopard print outfit, a cupcake, and my daily planner-and I’ll take on the biggest challenge you can throw at me!

organizer, gemini, and the perfect mix of fun and sophistication

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My faith in God. It has gotten me through so much and doesn’t allow me to fear. It gives me courage, peace, and inspires me to keep on pushin.

My husband, Sean. His confidence and strength in all situations is enviable and it amazes me. We’ve been through a lot in the last few years including two children and a move to Raleigh (hey y'all), but he’s never waivered in who he is, his life goals, or how much he loves our family. 

The sound of my kids laughing-like a big ole belly laugh. I could be having A DAY, but their laughs will take me out of it and I cherish that. I cherish their zest for life and the sound of their happiness. To be young and innocent-it is an amazing time.

I’d be planning an event for Adrienne Bosh! Girl, if you see this…call me. I’ve got ideas!

Reality TV! Girl..listen. RHOA, Married to Medicine, Love and Hip Hop (Atlanta, NY, it don’t matter), I love em all!

My husband and I love basketball, he loves the Knicks. I'm a Sixers fan.
I believe leopard print is a neutral and wear it as often as possible.
And my favorite moment is just before the bride walks down the aisle.

I can't wait to celebrate with you!

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Follow along with a recently engaged #laurenobride as she navigates planning her wedding.

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