I landed in the wedding industry similarly to Alyssa! After graduating from SUNY Purchase with a Creative Writing degree in 2012, I began working as the Head of Marketing for a bridal traveling hair and makeup company. It was the best of both worlds since I love all things makeup and was able to use my creative writing skills.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the wedding industry and I learned the wedding industry combined my love of talking to people, attention to detail, and creativity- a perfect fit for the world of wedding planning! A natural fit!

creative writer, fellow gemini, and a firm believer in destiny

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I love a long drive with my favorite playlist. There is something about the road in front of me, the windows down, and some Taking Back Sunday blasting through my speakers. I also love watching the sunrise after a night of no sleep, watching the world wake up. Small, quiet moments are what makes the world go round, if you ask me.

My parents are my heroes. Growing up, they always taught me that I can do anything and be anyone. My mom taught me how to be kind and humble but hold all my power in my heart and be ready to speak up when I need to. My dad taught me to never need anyone but myself. He taught me to never stop growing as a person even for one day but never ever, ever to grow up or take anything too seriously.

I don’t like free time. I get very restless! I always need to be working on a project. Sometimes to de-stress, I’ll clean my entire condo. If I need to get out I’ll take my dogs with my on a long walk. If I have a free weekend, I’ll drive to New York and spend time with my friends from college. I always like to fill up any free time!

Ugh. Shopping. Guilty because I spend so much. But I just love shopping. Clothes? Home décor? Tacos? Wine? You name it! There is just something about wandering around the mall that can be so relaxing!

It is always fun to tell people I used to be a figure skater in my youth! I am also a certified makeup artist and I'm in school to be a paralegal. Like I said, I like to fill up any free time with adventures!

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Follow along with a recently engaged #laurenobride as she navigates planning her wedding.

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