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Happy Friday!

As promised I am dedicating a blog post to #laurenandco aka the heart and team behind the business.

First I’ll tell you how the business was created. For many years I struggled to discover my passion. In college I majored in Accounting, Psychology and Political Science before finally settling on English. I thought college would teach me who I was supposed to be – I was dead wrong. I ended my college career in debt and still searching for my true purpose in life. Once I returned home I took a job at a major insurance company and began my career. I slowly began climbing the corporate ladder but I still felt unfulfilled.

In 2007 I met my husband Sean at work. Sean is unapologetically himself, it’s what I love most about him. He loves coaching basketball, prefers to stay home over going out and rarely follows the trends. His courage to live his truth is what encouraged me to discover mine. In 2012 after the birth of our son, Evan, I began living my truth. My truth is I am a people person. I love meeting new people, I love learning about people and hearing their journey. I am in love with love. It’s cliché but I am a hopeless romantic, I believe in Prince Charming and happily ever after. I enjoy helping others, bringing joy to someone else gives me the greatest sense of fulfillment. My company, Lauren O Events was born out of the discovery of my truth. In understanding and embracing who I truly am I discovered my passion, event planning. It has not always been easy. Some days I am really awesome at being #bosslady. Other days, I work from my bed and binge watch Vampire Diaries because I’m so overwhelmed with everything.

But, everyday I give life, my family and this business my all. My clients are an extension of my family and my passion for helping them celebrate life is what is the heart of this business.

And now a few photos of my family. These are from our gender reveal last month. In March 2016 we will welcome to our family a beautiful little girl, Maia Grace. As you can see Evan and Sean were #teamblue.

familyEvan1LOBabyReveal-5270 (1)Now, let’s talk about Lurlyne. Lurlyne and I met freshman year of college. I convinced her to attend our Freshman Orientation dance and we’ve been inseparable every since. I could not run this business without Lurlyne by my side she is truly the yin to my yang. I am a Gemini so by nature I am moody and at times, down right indecisive. Lurlyne’s feisty Aries personality always whips me into shape and keeps me focused. Lurlyne also has a highly analytical mind, she double majored in Biology and Finance in college and can break down a problem like no one else. While my brain is very detail driven and creative, Lurlyne’s is very logistical. It’s the perfect compliment. Lurlyne is also the only person who understands my personalities so well she knows them by name. hahaha

Check out this college throwback, hey, it was the early 2000’s that was the style! And Lurlyne as my maid of honor at my 2012 wedding.

131877_1717805115296_2627512_o (1)562959_4082828559404_1895674175_n (1)

Finally, Miolle! Miolle came to me during a time I didn’t even realize I needed a wedding assistant. As the business grew I began feeling the strain of managing it all. Miolle called me one day and asked if I was hiring and something about her made me want to give her a chance. I invited her to my studio and introduced her to the world of Lauren O. To my surprise, she didn’t run. lol She jumped right in and began learning how I liked to work and in what ways she could best support me. Miolle has a very reassuring and calming nature to her. On wedding day I can be demanding and she always smiles and handles whatever task I present. Like Lurlyne she also majored in Biology, my team is smarter than me y’all lol, and can see through a problem and develop a solution to it. She’s also an Excel wiz which is like a foreign language to me and she speaks Creole, which actually is a foreign language! She’s a wonderful addition to the team.


Now in case you’re wondering how to pronounce their names, Lurlyne is pronounced Lur-Lean and Miolle is pronounced, Me-All.

And there you have it, #teamlaureno. I love these ladies and I’m so excited about creating memorable moments and planning some of the most gorgeous wedding and events with them.


Until next time, happy planning!


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