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I have a confession… I love reality TV!!!

Ok, maybe that is not a confession more like an admission. Haha. I don’t always have the time to watch my favorite shows but Instagram, youtube and Facebook keep me up to date on the latest happenings in the reality TV world. I will try to bring you posts each week centered around engagements, weddings and relationships in the reality TV world. Which brings me to this edition of reality Tea.V.

I’m a 90’s girl. I remember singing all of Xscape’s songs and emulating their dance moves on Video Soul. I’m really dating myself here… Tiny was my favorite member of the group and sang lead on my favorite Xscape song, “Understanding“. After Xscape Tiny went on to be an award winning song writer, Mom and wife to rapper T.I. Recently they began starring in a show centered around their family life and business on VH1 – T.I. & Tiny “The Family Hustle.” Although all has been painted as well during this current season, things are definitely not well between the couple.

In case you haven’t been following the drama, it seems that T.I. & Tiny’s marriage is on the rocks. They promoted this latest season separately and neither have been wearing their wedding rings. T.I. even got into an altercation with Floyd Mayweather (yes, the boxing champ) because he suspected Pretty Boy Floyd of flirting with Tiny. Throw in some major shade on Instagram and Twitter and you have a recipe for disaster.

Social media is the absolute worst place to vent about your relationship. Not only is everything you post online there forever, you are also allowing hundreds, in their case millions, of people access to your relationship. Doing so strips you of the ability to work through your rough patch without the inconvenience of the dreaded outside opinion.

I give my clients the very same advice about social media while wedding planning. “Limit what you post on social media about your wedding.” I encourage them to solicit opinions; but only from a very few close friends and family, not their entire friends’ list. Limiting your wedding related posts on social media also helps avoid the awkward invitation requests from people you haven’t spoken to since Xscape had a hit record. Additionally, you want people to be excited for your wedding so save the details of your wedding for the big day.

Like makeup – less is more on social media.

So tell me, do you use social media to vent about your spouse? Is social media a yay or a nay while wedding planning? Did you sing “Understanding” in your school talent show too?

xoxo, LO



  1. 3- Thanks again for sharing a wonderful list. I was wondering u did not mention the most sought after terminology used in all the blog commenting articles and that being dofollow. So, are these a mix of dofollow and nofollow attribute blogs or one should overlook this factor while commenting?

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