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So You’re Engaged? Now What?

Wedding Planning

connecticut engagementSo you are engaged? Well first, congrats boo! No more dancing to Single Ladies by Bey when you’re out with your friends, cause he (finally) put a ring on it! It’s go time!

As engagement season comes to an end, all of the recently engaged brides start creating their wedding to-do lists. Let’s be honest, we all have a Pinterest board, hidden from the world. It is full of inspiration we’ve collected since the inception of Pinterest, and now that you’re engaged, it’s finally time to weed through it and see what sticks. However, before you get too deep into the weeds of planning, here is what you should do first!


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Go get those likes, girl! Let the world know! Collect all the relevant hashtags, pose the photo just right, and share your #ringselfie with everyone! You are officially, official and the next step is walking down the aisle! Let it bling, baby! And right after you hit it.

We always suggest that one of the first things you do (after the #feyoncé selfie) is getting on the phone with your insurance company and protect the jewels. Life is full of surprises, and being prepared is always a good idea.

Now that the envy-inducing #Doesthisringmakemelookengaged photo is posted, the ring is insured, what’s next?

Take a few deep breaths because the next months-year is going to be full of planning.

Decide What Budget You Are Ballin On

It is important to set up your budget early in the planning process. Talk to your family, your fiancés family, and your fiancé and come up with a realistic number. Do this before you start your Pinterest scrolling. It is important to do this before letting yourself get too deep into the planning process. Setting a budget sets boundaries and limitations, and without a guideline, you may be surprised. Setting a budget tells you just how extra you’re allowed to get in your wedding planning. So, girl, you may have to cut out the white dove entrance and can probably only afford one Migo (and it’s Takeoff).

We aren’t going to lie to you, a wedding can cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth every single penny you spend. And there are smart ways to do it, like teaming up with a planner who knows the ins, outs, and best vendors to work with. We got you covered, within your budget.

Season or Venue?

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Some people know the date, and some people know the venue – either of those is fine. However, we are in New England, and if you are dreaming of a snow-covered barn wedding, your options may be limited. Pricing also varies depending on the venue and the season, so the budget that you’ve already decided on will come into play here!  For example, a barn wedding in October and a Spring wedding will be in extremely high demand. That is important to know ahead of time.

We also suggest you only visit your top three venues. Think of venue shopping like trick or treating, the more candy you add to the bag, the harder it is to fish out your favorites! You don’t want to end up in analysis paralysis because you visited ten venues, each with their own long list of pros. Narrow the list down to your top three, then let the visits begin! Need some suggestions? A local wedding coordinator has experience at a lot of the venues, and can make recommendations based on your budget, your date, and your vibe!

Set your budget, pick a venue, and schedule your date -then the fun begins! If you need any guidance along the way, give us a call!

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