Suite Home for Lauren O


Location is everything. Saying goodbye to my first home and hello to my Suite home.

A little over a year ago I rented a cute office in the heart of Downtown New Britain. It was close to my home, cheap and in a very secure building. I thought,”Bingo! This is the perfect space for me.” Without giving any thought to if the location was ideal for potential clients and if my business fit with the rest of the businesses housed in the building, I signed a lease and began transforming the space. I quickly began to realize that like real estate, location is key.

We share the building with lawyers and a bail bondsman. While they are very busy the building’s visitors are not exactly people interested in weddings and events. No shade, it’s the truth. The building also recently installed a parking meter in the lot which became a huge inconvenience for my clients. Many times when we would mention our New Britain location, clients would become hesitant to visit because New Britain didn’t paint a good image in their minds or it was out of the way for them. I would reassure them it was safe and explain that I live in New Britain and had nothing but good experiences. Some would make the trek to see us while others insisted I came to them. As I began my rebrand I realized that my location was contributing to my business’ identity crisis. I contacted a Realtor and began touring other spaces to see if I could find a better fit for Lauren O. I fell in love with a few spaces but I could never truly commit and sign the lease.

One evening during a meeting for WIM, a women’s networking group I co-founded with my two friends Ashley and Stephanie. I sat talking about my rebrand and desire to find a new home for Lauren O. As usual they allowed me to vent and offered their support and guidance. They told me to be patient and shared with me their experiences with relocating their businesses.

The very next day Ashley called me and told me she had the perfect space for Lauren O. The beautique for young girls that she owns, Little Ms. Bella, was going through a restructure and the space on the first floor of the building she was leasing was soon to be vacant. The upstairs would continue to be used for Bella birthdays and as a suite for her traveling hair and makeup company, Beauty Entourage, but the first floor was all mine if I was interested. I immediately jumped at the offer. Not only was it a great location but the other businesses fit perfectly with my business. Oh, and the parking is free! *happy dance* I talked it over with Sean and after some careful consideration and prayer, we both agreed that it was the right move at the right time with the right person.

As of September 1st, Lauren O Events’ new home will be located at Suite Bella in beautiful Farmington, Connecticut. The Suite will also be home to award winning traveling hair and makeup team, Beauty Entourage and Little Ms. Bella Beautique, a full service salon for young girls. While we are three independent businesses we perfectly compliment each other’s brand.

Suite Bella is chic, modern and tailored to providing an exclusive and intimate experience for my clients. The first floor will be a lounge area perfectly suited for consultations as well as a dedicated office space for me. Upstairs will be the Beauty Entourage Suite dedicated to beauty and pampering. We begin transforming the space in a few weeks. I will share pictures of the space as we complete it. I am so excited for this next chapter of Lauren O Events. I can’t wait to share it with you all!


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