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Happy Wedding Wednesday! We are excited to announce a new segment featuring our behind the scenes blogger who recently got engaged! Michelle’s wedding story will follow the course of two years as she plans a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, where she said “Yes!” to the ring! Destination weddings have gained popularity over the last […]

Blogger To Bride: Destination Weddings

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Pricing, that scary word that always seems to haunt creative entrepreneurs. Am I charging enough? Am I charging too much? How should I be charging? While we agonize over these questions, the answer is quite simple. You are worth what you consider your value to be. You see how easy that was? So, charge what you […]

Charge What You Are Worth

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Bride with bridesmaids

With engagement season behind us, it’s only right we talk about choosing bridesmaids. I’ve come up with five tips to consider when picking your bridal entourage. 1. Take your time. I know, you’re engaged. Ahhh, exciting! However, before you send that text asking your best ladies to stand with you, pause and think it through. […]

Choosing Bridesmaids Where My Girls At?

Wedding Planning

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Follow along with a recently engaged #laurenobride as she navigates planning her wedding.

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