A Spring Affair at The Distillery | Toyin and Zikiar’s Elegant Wedding

Toyin and Zikiar celebrated their love with a stunning spring wedding at The Distillery in Garner, NC. This high-end affair, a minimalist masterpiece marked by a chic color palette of gray, black, and purple, showcased the couple’s impeccable taste and the seamless blending of minimalism with luxury. This destination wedding, Zikiar, is from Georgia, and Toyin, Maryland, welcomed guests traveling from destinations along the Eastern seaboard and as far away as Africa.

Decor at a Spring wedding at The Distillery.

The Distillery: A Distinctive Venue:

Choosing The Distillery as their venue, Toyin and Zikiar embraced the allure of minimalism. The venue’s industrial-chic ambiance provided a sleek canvas for their vision. Modern, white walls with bold black windows and clean lines set the stage for an intimate celebration that exuded modern elegance. The Distillery’s minimalistic charm allowed the couple’s carefully chosen details to shine, making every aspect of their special day a testament to refined simplicity. Nestled in Historic Downtown Garner, NC, this industrial-chic venue provided a unique backdrop for their celebration. Located just 4 miles from Downtown Raleigh, NC, it’s the perfect venue for couples wanting to enjoy Raleigh’s nightlife.

A Palette of Sophistication:

Toyin and Zikiar’s choice of wedding colors reflected their sophisticated taste. The combination of black, gray, and purple created a striking and modern palette that added a touch of drama to the overall design and paired well with The Distillery’s clean, modern aesthetic. The couple’s attire, a perfect blend of classic and contemporary, showcased their unique style and complemented the chosen color scheme.

Wedding details at The Distillery.
Decor for The Distillery Spring wedding.

Personal Touches:

Toyin and Zikiar incorporated personal touches throughout The Distillery, reflecting their journey as a couple to make their wedding memorable. Cuisine prepared by Virginia & Co. featured Nigerian foods that paid homage to Toyin’s Nigerian roots and traditional southern foods that celebrated Zikiar’s southern roots. In addition, Toyin and Zikiar included their adorable pup, Piggy, who served as ring bearer. These personal touches added warmth and authenticity to the celebration, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for their guests.

Personal touches throughout a wedding.
Invitations and a bride standing in front of a mirror at The Distillery.

Toyin and Zikiar’s spring wedding at The Distillery celebrated love, sophistication, and personal connection. A distinctive venue, a carefully chosen color palette, and thoughtful details, Toyin and Zikiar’s wedding is a beautiful reminder that love becomes a timeless and cherished story when celebrated with intention and style.

The Amazing Vendor Team

Planning & Design: Lauren O & Co. Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Distillery Photographer: Avonne’ Photography Officiant: Pastor Torri McCullers Caterer: Virginia & Co. Bar: Artful Libations Bakery: The Cupcake Shoppe Specialty Dessert Duck Donuts Florist: Mood Fleuriste Entertainment: Split Second Sound Hair: SaMecia Blount Natural Hair Co LLC. Makeup: Sharon Davis Artistry Rentals: Curated Events Raleigh Specialty Rentals: Greenhouse Picker Sisters