Band or DJ?

We have talked a lot about priority lists. There are certain vendors that you definitely need to make sure you check off while planning your big day. Imagine a completely silent reception. Crickets. Music is essential to a reception for entertainment and energizing up the room. From your first dance as a married couple to the funky chicken your Aunt just had to request. The functionality of what you choose for music may be a bigger decision than you think. Let’s tackle the age old question: band or DJ?

Dancing at Reception

Booking A Band

A band at your wedding can offer aesthetic appeal along with a unique vibe to your music selection. Often putting their own spin on classic songs, a live band is a great way to get your guests moving and grooving. Live entertainment can spark some great moments and photos for your big day. At big events like weddings, bands will often take requests and can get involved which can really make your reception stand out.

The cons to booking a band can be cost and space. Consulting with your venue on the space available for your entertainment can be a huge factor here, so you may not be able to squeeze in the 10 piece band you had your eyes on. Bands can often cost more as well, because there are several members of the group as opposed to one solo DJ. Your planner can easily lay out your entertainment budget so you can compare options side by side.

Band at Reception

Booking A DJ

DJs have an arsenal of thousands of songs on deck. From classics to modern hits you can often choose just about any style of music and let them run with it. DJs are often less expensive than bands, but eliminate the novelty of live entertainment. You also have to be careful on the personality of the DJ themselves, so you don’t have an overly interactive DJ if you would prefer the music to continuously play. A great benefit here is the ability to choose songs on a whim, or allow your guests to make requests which can get even the most low key relative to jump up on their feet and dance. DJs are a great option to keep the music general and open so you don’t get pinned down to a certain genre. Lucky for you, we have had the opportunity to experience many DJs to let you in on who plays for a mixed crowd the best!

Little girls dancing at reception

Whichever option you choose, consider a couple key points when deciding whether a band or DJ is right for your event or wedding. What is your overall music vibe? How is space for entertainment? What is your budget? Always make sure you have references for any entertainment you are selecting. Your wedding planner can help you narrow down options based on what you’re looking for. Often, we have attended a wedding where they have performed. Then, kick back and listen to some choices to decide which will best fit!







Photo 1,3: Melani Lust Photography; Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial Park Photo 2: JC Carley for Robert Norman Photography Brooklyn Blue Grass Collective