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Hey all! It’s your Blogger to Bride.

I am so excited to be a part of the Lauren O & Co. team! While I plan my own destination dream wedding for 2019, I will be taking on my role as Event Producer, and taking a lot of notes! I have been in the wedding industry for three years. Stepping out from behind the laptop was an exciting change. I love working with brides and making sure their dream day goes off without a hitch! Follow my series blogger to bride to see where I’m at on my own planning!

blogger to bride ct wedding planner engaged


As I start to mark up my own Wedding Checklist, I totally get how it’s a lot to handle. Had I not been blogging about weddings for the last two years, I would feel totally lost. I feel so grateful to have worked hands-on to make the day-of happy. This also leaves me with a lot of extra nerves. Why? My wedding is planned to be in Puerto Rico.

Hello, uncertainty! A lot of our brides are local, but I totally feel brides who can’t see their venue, meet with their caterer, and have the disconnect I am feeling. With the latest devastation of Puerto Rico’s landscape, I totally had to call Lauren and ask about including hurricane clauses in my contracts! These are the small things that can completely stress out a bride planning her dream wedding. Deep, deep breaths. We got this.

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As your blogger to bride, my goal of this blog series is to give you the real obstacles and emotions that even wedding planners like myself feel.

blogger to bride ct wedding planner engaged

We set the date! August 9, 2019. I’m just starting planning. I’ve scoped out some venues online and am working on the guest list. We chose our wedding party and asked everyone so that’s really exciting!

Anyone else have a destination wedding? What’s your biggest worry on planning? I want to hear from you!