Bridal Day of Essentials

Last week I listed what my wedding day of essentials were. As a wedding planner I have system in place to make sure I do not forget anything on the day of. Years of practice and a few mistakes along the way have helped me figure out what were the most important items for me to have on hand for wedding day. When it comes to prepping for your wedding, you do not have the luxury of practice or a few mistakes in your favor. At the final meeting I always slip my bride a list of wedding items as a reference for while they are packing their wedding day bag.

So, today for Wedding Wednesday, I am sharing a few of those items to help you pack for your wedding day. I always tell my brides to start gathering their items and setting them aside two weeks before their wedding day, more if you’re super organized. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, wait until the night before to pack. You will be emotional, tired and you will forget things, even with my list, if you do so.

Side note: This list is written based on the assumption that you have hired a wedding planner with a fully stocked and available wedding day emergency kit. If you haven’t you are gonna need a whole lot more on your wedding day. Post on that soon, I promise.


Many brides choose to select a special scent or wear their signature scent on their wedding day. If you’ve picked out something special just for the big day or you’re wearing the fragrance he loves most – make sure you bring it with you on the day of. This might seem like a minor detail but on the day of, not having your signature scent WILL kill your vibe. Also, pretty perfume bottles look ah-mazing in photos.



With all the other thoughts swirling through your mind, its really easy to forget to pack your jewelry. As your wedding planner; I will have an extra pair of earrings and a necklace. I even have an extra set of wedding bands.  But…I can’t promise you that it will be as fancy as the jewelry you purchased for your wedding day, or as special.


Sounds cray that you could forget your shoes, right? Trust me, it happens! Make sure you pack your shoes, and double check the box to make sure they are in there.


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

If you decide to follow this tradition, start thinking about what you would like to represent each something as you plan your wedding, Once you settle on these items, pack them away and cross it off of your list.

Love notes & gifts.

If you plan to write your beloved a note start thinking about what you want to say. For this I usually tell my brides that it’s ok to write this on the morning of. A good time is right after you wake up. I’m talking before you’ve left your room for coffee. Wake up and take a few moments to let your guy know how excited you are to be meeting him at the altar.

These are just a few important items for the day of. My list varies from bride to bride. If I know a bride really wants to include a special keepsake or important detail in her day, I’ll include that item on her day of essentials checklist.

Again, don’t wait until the night before to begin thinking about, writing down and gathering your day of items.

Until next time, happy planning!


|All photos courtesy of George & Claudia Photographers|