Bridal Party Proposals (The Second Big Question!)

Yup, it’s your turn to have to pop the big question! It may seem like this is going to be easy, right?

You’ve got your core girls you go out with, your best friends growing up you confide in, your sister-in-law, your cousin, your college friends who moved across the country, uh oh.. not so easy. Before asking who wants to be in your bridal party (and who wants the responsibility of Maid of Honor!) it’s important to take a step back and think of a couple things.

bridesmaids giving gifts

Think of the Big (or little) Picture

You want everyone to feel included, but a big bridal party may not be the way to go. Keep in mind the responsibilities and budget you will be asking of your party. Planning an engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette means money out of pocket and a lot of time coordinating. Do the girls you’re considering all get along? Are they organized? Are they tight on cash? Do they live nearby? While it’s great to want to have everyone in your party, also take into consideration the time and budget of the girls you want to ask. Small bridal parties are just as photo worthy, and often more intimate and easier to plan with.

bridesmaids during ceremony

Emotional Rollercoaster

Since you got the ring, you’ve been stressing on who to choose as your bridesmaids and maid of honor. A great way to narrow down the choices is their emotional connection to you, and how they handle their own emotions! Let’s face it, your wedding day is going to be a whirlwind of excitement, anticipation and inevitably a lot of tears. You want to make sure who you surround yourself with closely on that is going to be able to keep you in check and put their own emotions on the back burner. This is your day, not theirs!! The last thing you need is a bridesmaid trying to steal the spotlight or putting a little too much of their opinion on you. Thinking about who in your life is going to keep you grounded and pour champagne when needed is crucial!


Make It Count

You want your memories to last a lifetime, so make sure the friendship will, too! Your photographer will make sure to get pictures of you with everyone, but your bridal party portraits can’t just be tucked under a sofa cushion. Choosing your party is a good time to think who is going to still be in your life in five years. Don’t feel the need to conform to wedding norms, either! You can have two maids of honor, you can choose a man of honor, you can choose just two people even if there are ten groomsmen! Put any pressure aside and make sure YOU are happy with who is standing next to you for your big day. Everyone else will enjoy the celebration, regardless!


Release the stress and think it over. Make sure your bridal party is local, understands your budget, can put aside their own emotions, and are in it for the long-haul. Don’t feel pressured to ask right away, take some time to list pros and cons and narrow down your closest friends and who will really make everything leading up to, and the big day itself, as stress-free and fun as possible!

Stay tuned later this week for some fun ways to ask when you have finalized your list!







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