Champagne Toasts…Glorifying Busy

It’s hard to believe that there is only one month left in the year. 2014 has been such a tremendous year for Lauren O Events that I can’t help but to reflect on what has gotten us to this point.

As I look back over the year I am so very proud of this business. We successfully rebranded, traveled to Georgia for a retreat for creatives that completely recharged and refocused us. Moved into a beautiful new location, created and launched an educational bridal workshop, Wifey for Life. As well as having had the opportunity to be blessed with some of the most amazing clients. Yeah, 2014 rocked!

Yet, one thing continues to weigh on my heart. Something that I did a lot of in 2014 and won’t be bringing into 2015. I, Lauren O, glorified busy. When I say “glorifying busy” I mean I celebrated working until almost 2am every night, drinking multiple cups of coffee just to make it through the day and having a to do list that was as long as it was unrealistic.

I understand that this dream I have of being full time at my business takes a lot of work. When you are working towards a goal you have to work, HARD. But…that doesn’t mean that you allow it completely control your life and forget what matters most. So many nights I rushed through Evan’s bath time so that I could run to my computer and work. Or I turned down snuggling on the couch with Sean for an hour to blog. Yeah, working and blogging are important but not more important than these moments with my family.

Like so many other professionals I struggle to find a  good work/life balance. However, I can’t ignore the fact that in 2014 I was busy more than I was available to my family. Next year is only going to be a lot busier, we have two Wifey for Life workshops planned, style shoots and a growing number of brides. But, next year will also be the first time I delegate more. I have an intern starting soon and Lurlyne is beginning to take on additional responsibilities. I won’t lie, I am a control freak, I like being in the driver’s seat of my business but I also recognize that my business must exist to serve my life, not the other way around.

Anyone else struggling with work/life balance? How are you managing it?

Until next time, happy planning!