Champagne Toasts…Making Intentional Decisions

Hey, there! It’s been a crazy few weeks here at the Lauren O Headquarters. One thing that always happens in business as you begin to put yourself out there is opportunities that you never imagined for yourself or your business begin popping up. As these opportunities become available it’s important to sit and really ask yourself, “Is this for me?”

This past week I decided to launch a bridal workshop. This workshop is different because one I’m not charging the vendors a dime to come speak and because it’s educational. When I began brainstorming this idea I knew in my heart that I wanted to present brides with vendors that I’d personally vetted and trusted. So, I made the intentional decision to not accept money from the vendors to protect the integrity of the workshop.

The decision to create the workshop and to protect the integrity of it at all costs came naturally to me. Some decisions do not come that easy. As a business person you have to constantly reevaluate the decisions you are making for yourself and business. It’s really easy to see an opportunity in front of you and immediately jump at it without thinking, “Is this for me?” I know that because I am wrestling with making a huge decision for my own life and business right now. I have an opportunity that would allow me to leave corporate America behind and focus on my passion. At first glance, everything said, “DO IT!”. But I can’t ignore that voice in the back of my head that says “Is this for me?”

To be honest with you guys, I don’t know the answer to that question and I don’t have some magical way of figuring out the answer. What’s always worked for me is praying for guidance and then doing whatever feels right in my soul and matches the goals that I have laid out for Lauren O. I’m not sure what I’ll do just yet but whatever it is, it will be a decision I made consciously and intentionally.

How do you make decisions for your life and business?

Until next time, happy planning!