Champagne Toasts…Perfection

“Perfection is God’s business. I just try for excellence.” – Jim Carrey

I obsess over my blog posts, I take forever to send emails because I have to triple check them. I refuse to use text lingo because it’s poor English. I am a perfectionist. My desire for perfection is probably my strongest asset as a wedding planner. However, I often get so bogged down in the details and trying to make everything perfect that I lose passion for what I am doing.

Put plainly- perfection is a major energy drainer for me.

Obsessing over blog posts has caused me to stay up late into the night and into the early morning, writing and rewriting blogs. Emails that should only take five minutes to write end up taking fifteen. And well, my doggone autocorrect on my phone ends up “correcting” my texts anyway and replacing my spelled out words with text abbreviations. And sometimes when I am working on a proposal or big design project I get so frustrated with things not being perfect that I simply, in that moment, give up.

I came across the quote above from Jim Carrey (thanks Sean 😉 ) and it got me thinking. I realized that perfection is a buzz kill because it does not exist. Yes, you read that right – perfection ain’t real folks. If you, me, we are constantly looking for perfection we will never be satisfied with what we have because we are holding ourselves to a standard that does not exist.

So, I’ve made the resolution to stop looking around and measuring my life and my business against the standard of perfection. Instead I’ve decided to shoot for excellence and pray for grace. So, if you get an email from me and I forget to capitalize an I or one of my blog posts is missing a word, just know that my intentions were pure and guess what, I’m not perfect!!!!!!

Thanks Jim!

Are you a perfectionist? Do you get bogged down in the details too?

Until next time, happy planning!