Charge What You Are Worth

Pricing, that scary word that always seems to haunt creative entrepreneurs. Am I charging enough? Am I charging too much? How should I be charging? While we agonize over these questions, the answer is quite simple. You are worth what you consider your value to be. You see how easy that was? So, charge what you are worth!

Too often we get caught up in trying to price our services based on what we think a client will pay instead of what we truly deserve. That my friend is a vicious, vicious way to price your services. If you don’t value your services and charge appropriately – how in the world do you expect a client to value you. When we underprice we are saying to the client, “I don’t value my work and you shouldn’t either.” This has got to stop!

Last year around this time¬†I attended a pricing seminar hosted by New Orleans luxury wedding planner, Valerie Gernhauser of Sapphire Events. Valerie is serious #plannergoals for me. The weddings she curates are out of this world and I was so excited to meet her and learn more about her pricing strategy. One thing that really stood out amongst the awesomeness of what Valerie went over was that pricing, regardless of what the number is, only works if you’re confident about it and know how to convey that to your client. Yes, girl, yessss!

How many times have you agreed to lower your price after being hustled by a client? Even better how many times have you given and given well beyond what you are contracted to provide? And how many times have you struggled with the feeling that, “This client is never going to pay this much.” and changed your prices at the last minute.

To quote Valerie: “You’re not expensive; you cost a lot! Price is only an issue in the absence of value. If a potential new client describes you as expensive, they are inherently NOT your client because they do not appreciate the value of what you are offering.”

I say, “No More!” It’s time to believe we are worth what we charge and not feel guilty for it. It’s time that we realize it is okay to make a living doing what we love. And it’s time to stop letting clients tell us what we are worth.

If you’re struggling with the confidence to charge your worth I highly recommend you check out Valerie’s, Sapphire Sessions for Creatives on Facebook. The message she is spreading is much larger than a pricing strategy, it’s a way for creative entrepeneurs to make a real living in this business by charging what we are worth and not apologizing for it.

Leave a comment below if you too are finally realizing what you are worth and pricing accordingly. Or holla at me on Insta!

Until next time, happy planning!