Dancing Shoes

I love shoes. In fact under my bio on my website I list in my beliefs that I believe in sacrificing comfort for a fierce shoe. I lie, I do believe in fierce shoes and on a hot date night, I can ignore my aching feet for the sake of my date night look. Your wedding day is an entirely different story. Read on for some tips for when you are selecting your shoes for the wedding day.

They look amazing! But, how do they feel?

While you are planning your wedding, it’s really easy to get caught up in the visual and lose the importance of how something feels on your body. Don’t let this be true when you are selecting your shoes. You might love the look of those 5 1/2 inch Steve Madden stilettos but how do they feel on your feet? If the shoes are pinching your feet or you simply can’t walk in them…it’s probably best to leave them at the store. There is the option of buying gel inserts. I’ve never found them to work but some ladies swear by them. If you’ve had success with them give them a try but in my case, they’re a no go!

Are they practical for your wedding location?

I love beach weddings. The water, the breeze, the sand. Oh, the sand… While it’s pretty it can make footwear challenging. Really high shoes are not a good idea. Sand gives, the last thing you want is for it to give while you are walking in heels and cause you to stumble down the aisle. While you are shoe shopping keep your wedding location in mind. Will you have to walk up or down stairs? Is the floor a slippery marble?

Bring them to your fittings.

Your seamstress will hem your dress according to the height of your shoes. If you plan on wearing flats, the hem of your dress needs to be adjusted so that you are not tripping and getting tangled in your dress on your wedding day. While you don’t need to have the shoes while dress shopping, you do need to have them and wear them to your fittings. So, start shopping for the shoe early. Give yourself time to change your mind. You don’t want to get into costly dress alterations if you change your mind about your shoes after your first fitting.

Wear your shoes.

I can’t stress this enough. Wear your shoes! Walk around in them. Allow them to shape to your feet and really test out how they feel. It’s the only way to make sure that you are truly comfortable in them. One tip is to walk around on carpet so that you don’t scuff the bottoms of the shoe. That way they still look good in pictures and you can return them if necessary.

Most importantly pick shoes that make you feel good.

Don’t get caught up in the trends. If you prefer flats, wear them. If cowboy boots are your thing. Do it! This is your day. Wear what makes you feel good!

Until next time, happy planning!