Doubt, the dream killer.

Doubt. A word I have become all too familiar with over the last few years. This journey of owning my own business has not always been easy. Along the way there has been confusion, fear and that nagging dream killer, doubt. Today’s #champagnetoast is to silencing doubt.

You look around at your peers and see them doing all these great things and immediately begin to doubt that you will ever be able to do those things or be as accomplished. In those moments I want to give up. Doubt makes me want to stop blogging and stop chasing my dream. It makes me believe that what I have to offer isn’t valuable and no one will ever pay for my services.

Then I’m reminded of the quote by Karim Seddiki “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” I tell you, truer words have never been spoken. So much of this journey is simply believing in your abilities. It’s that belief that pushes you to write that first blog, style that first shoot and sign your first client. Along the way we allow doubt to creep in and we slowly watch our dreams fade.

As 2015 ends I am making a commitment to silencing the doubt and cultivating a successful mindset and recognizing the strength in MY abilities . Yes, I love Preston Bailey’s elaborate floral designs. But…that’s not what I do. My strength is not floral design; my strength is understanding my client’s vision for their flowers and then finding someone who can execute it for them. Two Different Approaches, Same Result! So much of our success is based on simply believing that you can do this, you were meant to do this and YOU are doing this!

So, Silence The Doubt And Go Do Great Things! Who is with me?!

Until next time, happy planning.