Dreaming Big in 2016

NYE is here! I always love the excitement of welcoming a new year and the promise a new year brings. I also try to think of a theme or word for the upcoming year. In 2015 my word was intentional. I made deliberate and purposeful decisions for my business to lay a very solid foundation for my 2016 theme of Dreaming Big.

So often we limit our goals (dreams) to only what we can see or feel. I’ve been guilty of doing it and at times I still do it. In 2016 I am making it my mission to write out the big dreams I have for Lauren O and then pursuing them, fearlessly, relentlessly. I started the process of writing out my goals earlier this month and now I am moving on to phase two, creating an action plan and setting deadlines for myself. Writing my goals allows me to hold myself accountable to what I said I would do in my head.

I’m no business coach, but if you too want to dream big and focus on your goals I have a few quick pointers on how to do just that.

1. Write out what worked this year, what didn’t work and what you would like to try.

I’m a believer in knowing where you came from so you don’t recreate the mistakes of the past. I also believe that seeing all you have been able to accomplish in twelve short months is a huge motivator for the next twelve months. Be careful not to beat yourself up too much in this step. Perhaps if something didn’t work out for you in 2015 it was because you didn’t properly plan or it simply wasn’t your time. Make sure you document the whys behind what worked for you and what didn’t.

2. Make sure your goals align with your business plan.

Listen, I love flowers and one day I would love to learn more about floral design. But, it just doesn’t make sense for where I am right now in my business plan. I’m still working hard to grow my wedding planning business so it would be foolish for me to add something else to my plate before I’ve mastered the first goal I set for myself. Beware of trying to do too much, too soon.

3.”Comparison is the thief of joy.” Teddy Roosevelt

Do not look outward for your goals, look deep within yourself. Don’t get caught up in looking at what you competition is doing and lose sight of what you should be doing. 

4. Don’t get discouraged.

I can’t say that enough. It’s ok if you are still struggling to book your ideal client. It’s ok if you work from home while juggling a toddler. And it’s ok if you are not perfect. No one is. Do not let that dream killer, doubt (last’s week Champagne Toast) seep into your mindset and discourage you from dreaming big and chasing that dream. You can do, you are doing it!

Anyone out there want to share a big dream of theirs? Comment below or follow me on Insta!

Until next time, happy planning!