Event Planner Imposter

It is always an eye rolling moment when you see the girl who thinks she’s an event planner because she planned her own wedding. Girl, you did not do that alone for one. Two, that was your wedding, totally different than planning for someone else. We see it all the time in the event planning industry. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen many successful transitions from one time event planner, such as their wedding, into a fill time biz. It takes a certain kind of motivation and understanding of other people (and how other people react to a stressful planning situation) to really dive into that type of business. I say, go for it! But be ready for some craziness!

Wedding Day List

JC Carley for Robert Norman Photography captured our Wedding Day to-do list along with our much needed post-it notes to fill in details!

Just because you planned one event doesn’t mean you’re an expert

You planned your office’s holiday party and now you can plan anything, right! Wrong! There is A LOT that goes into a big even, especially a wedding, a lot more than food and decorations. Every vendor needs to be accounted for, budgeted, vetted, and given a timeline. Bonus here: we have a lot of vendor friends and will only choose someone who fits what you’re looking for! You won’t get the elevator pitch or be coaxed into booking someone just for their website or incentives. With a planner, you’ll get the right vendors for your vision, price and most importantly, the top professionals.

You may love to attend, but planning is a whole different story

When you’ve been doing this for years, you know how to negotiate, how to spy a good deal, we know what to look for. Attending a gala, party or wedding can ignite your event planning aspirations, but it’s not all fun and games. The venue has to fit the guest list, the caterer has to offer meals for vegans, the florist only has seasonal flowers available when you have an arrangement in mind. We know how to fit together the right puzzle pieces to make the most out of the event.

You have to embrace the madness!

Long days on your feet, family mediations, keeping vendors on timeline, attention to every detail, yeah, it can get a little nuts! We keep any drama at bay and every napkin in place. Needless to say, it can get stressful all while keeping a smile. I’ve seen my handful of meltdowns and been right there to keep the day moving!

First Look

JC Carley for Robert Norman Photography — Let every detail fall into place with your trusty wedding planner on deck to create your vision and picture perfect moments!














But by all means, get involved in your own day. This is why you hire a wedding planner from the start. We keep you organized, make the most of your budget, and guide your creative vision into the best possible everything! Just keep in mind, your day is a personal and special day you have been planning for longer than you think! Don’t take on a project too big or an event too elaborate without the experience to back you up! We’re professionals for a reason!

Happy Planning!