Event Planning Uncertainties

Psst.. we have a secret.

Not everything always goes as planned as an event planner. If we were to teach an official course on event planning, the first lesson would be to always expect the unexpected. With so many moving parts to the process and execution of an event, more often than not something goes amiss.

That’s exactly why it is so important to have a team of trusted professionals to scoop up the falling pieces and replace them with something shiny and new. This blog is going to touch on two topics: our upcoming Wifey For Life Workshop (June 4th, June 4th!) and the sudden venue change that left us momentarily speechless.

The Vendors!

If you haven’t seen the updates on our Wifey For Life blog, we have been introducing some amazing sponsors who will be at the event. We have Shaina Lee Photography, a husband and wife duo in the business since 2010. Up next we featured E-Z Occasions, a design and rentals business specializing in ceiling draping, backdrops, wall liners, tent draping, table styling, stage draping and much more.



EZ Occasions

Our latest vendor sponsoring the event: Ivy’s Simply Homemade! Have we mention how important FOOD is at an event!!? We cannot wait for the catering of owner and chef Ivy to whip up some amazing grub!

Ivy's Simply Homemade


And then.. when something goes wrong

We received an unexpected phone call in the first week of May, just a month out from the event. Just as we thought all loose ends were being tied, we were thrown a curveball of massive proportions. Our fantastic venue was indefinitely closed for town zoning reasons. We were out of a location with a full guest list and sponsors already locked in for our date. We needed a place to hold our workshop!

Planner Makes Perfect!

This is a prime example on why it is oh so important to hire an event planner! Not to stress anyone out that’s planning solo, but bumps in the road come up and we are masters of diverting the course. We turned on our Bat Signal in the Lauren O. network of planning professionals  and everyone pitched in immediately. We can’t say enough how much of a team effort it became. Our caterer got involved, everyone reached out to venues in the area they had connections with. We had a new venue within days of our crisis. Averted. Booked. Beautiful.


As we mentioned on our Wifey For Life blog, “the last minute change speaks volume for the importance of working with professionals. The transparency of our previous venue, our fellow vendors, and the integrity of the event depended on it.”

Now, what you’ve been waiting for, some amazing photos from our venue: Silver Oak Mystic.

Silver Oak Mystic

Silver Oak Mystic

Silver Oak MysticSilver Oak Mystic

Silver Oak Mystic


Make sure you scope out our Wifey For Life website and blog for more information on the event, as well as some interviews with our sponsors! We hope to see you on June 4th!

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Until next time, happy planning!