Finding Your Wedding Style

I find that nailing down a wedding style is the most challenging part of wedding planning for brides. With Pinterest, Instagram and endless style blogs providing wedding inspiration, it’s so easy to lose sight of your vision for your wedding. Here are a three tips to help you discover your wedding style.

Write down how you want your wedding to feel.

This is important because it taps into the feeling of your wedding, not the look of it. When I meet with brides this is one of the questions I ask during our consultation because it provides me insight into what is important to them. As you begin to curate your wedding style, think about how you want your wedding to feel. What emotions or reactions are you hoping to evoke in others and yourself? Do you want your wedding to feel fun, romantic, elegant, traditional? Discover the heart of your wedding and it will help you begin to uncover your wedding style.

Look around you for inspiration.

Your wedding should be a reflection of your personal style. You want your wedding guests to look around and be able to connect the details of your wedding to who you and your fiancee’ are as a couple. If that means clean lines and neutral tones, go with it! If it means metallics and ultra glam linens – then do that! Do not force the trend, go with what feels natural to you. If there is a element to your relationship, incorporate it into your decor. Do not try to create a style, your style is who you are.

Take your time choosing a venue.

Your venue has to fit the style of your wedding so if you haven’t nailed the style down yet, do not book a venue. You don’t want to rush out and book a huge ballroom only to discover that your style is really chic loft wedding. Take your time and visit venues and write down what you really liked about each one and what you didn’t. Once you’ve determined how you want your wedding to look and feel refer back to that list and go with the venue that matches your vision.

What’s your wedding style? Are you still trying to uncover it?

Until next time, happy planning!