Groom Details

On the wedding day all eyes are on the bride, but let’s not forget about the groom! Sure, it can be especially exciting to pick out the wedding dress, get elegant hair and makeup done, choose the perfect pair of shoes, and make sure each piece of jewelry shines, but the groom details matter, too! What are some major components the man in the relationship needs to keep in mind to look wedding ready while he waits at the end of the aisle?

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Suit Up!

We recommend starting the search six months prior to your wedding date, especially if you are going the custom route! Or a plan to rent or purchase should be set in motion. This a great time for the groom and his best man, fathers, ushers, and groomsmen to get together and make a day of it, or just agree on a set style. If a matching look isn’t part of the plan, a message should be sent out to all the men in the wedding party and immediate family if you would prefer a unified look (such as everyone wear black with a gold tie, or navy with a purple bow tie, etc). No later than three months out from the date, suits or tuxedos should be ordered and tailored.

Details Matter

This is the one time when each detail of your ensemble really does matter. Why? Photographs like these beautifully polished shoes above! Small moments like getting ready, lacing up your dress shoes, fastening your cufflinks, and fixing your tie are not only going to be incorporated into your wedding day photo album, but reflect volumes on the time and consideration you put into it. Shine your shoes, pick out some snazzy socks, put on your nicest watch, and match your tie to your pocket square! It’s your day, too!

Your Best Accessory

Above all else, your best accessory of the evening is the smile on your face. Embrace the spotlight by remembering some key details that will show everyone much the day means to you. Remember, all eyes will be on you while you wait for your bride at the altar!  Start your planning with enough time to have all your guys looking their best!

Until next time, happy planning!

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