This week  (tomorrow!!)  we are featuring a Facebook Live from Lauren called “What’s in a Name” which will go over some familiar titles in the wedding industry that can often be confused. What’s the difference between a coordinator, designer and planner? What is the professional name for the person who arranges the table?

To preface this educational segment, we wanted to ask a different question, “What’s in a hashtag?” to have some fun with the recent trend of #weddings.

First, write down a couple of keywords to play with. You don’t have to be a poetry genius, pretend it’s like using those magnetic words on the refrigerator to piece together a fun phrase. Do either of your last names sound like another word? Could you use the first letter of their of your first or last names to alliterate with another word? Slant rhymes are great for hashtags! Even if it isn’t an exact rhyme, it will still come across and be unique.

Think of phrases that could be used with either of your names. What’s something funny about your relationship or people know about you that could translate into a hashtag. #AdiosLastName

wedding hashtag

Make sure your guests know what to tag! The whole point of the hashtag is to create an album of candids, selfies, and all those moments your friends and family felt were important. Utilize your social media for even more memories!  Make sure to include your hashtag on your invitations, or display a sign at the reception so your guests know what it is. On your honeymoon, log into Instagram and look at everything tagged from your wedding! It’s a great way to look back before the professional photos are developed.

wedding hashtag

We had to share this super fun feature WeddingWire recently added to their site. By entering a couple pieces of information about you and your fiance, their generator will create a hashtag for you! My first attempt I got #YouHadMeAtO’Brien

How cute!


WeddingWire Hashtag Generator


Most importantly, have fun with it. Choose a hashtag short and catchy to add that extra social fun to your big day. Our best advice: make sure you really look at it before finalizing your choice. You never know when combining words how they could create another word that may not be ideal. Trust me, I’ve seen it. If you’re not feeling creative, post a status on Facebook asking your friend what they think or give me a call and we can have a hashtag brainstorm session.


Until next time, Happy Planning!







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