I Do Not Want To Plan Your Wedding

Last week I had the opportunity of attending a presentation by Lauren Grove of Every Last Detail on today’s bride aka, “The Millennial Bride”. Basically anyone born between the years of 1979-2000 are considered Millennial Brides. Lauren’s presentation really provided me with a deeper understanding of the brides that I am marketing to and ultimately booking. While I am myself considered a millennial bride (1982 babbbyyy!!) I am often of a different generation than many of the brides I work with. I realized this when I excitedly told a bride about an upcoming Faith Evans concert only to have my bride tell me she had no idea who Faith Evans was. I spent the next few minutes singly (badly) a few Faith Evans songs and explaining the whole Biggie, Tupac fiasco. I’m pretty sure I scared her. hahaha

Although the entire presentation was fascinating to me, one point made really stood out. When some millennial brides were asked why they did not want to hire a wedding planner they said it’s because they wanted to plan their own wedding. It was then that it hit me why so many of today’s brides are trending towards day of coordination and waiting longer and longer to hire their planner. They want to plan their wedding, not have it planned for them. Mind = blown!

Well…I have news for you, I don’t want to plan your wedding and neither does any other wedding planner who properly understands their role in your wedding. We instead want to work with you to bring YOUR vision to reality.

That means I want you to pin away on Pinterest and then allow me to suggest ways to make your vision cohesive. I want you to go to bridal shows, take pictures of specialty linen and then allow me to negotiate a fair price with your venue to upgrade the linens. I want you to snap pictures of hair and makeup that you love and send them to me so that I can refer you to hair and makeup artists that match your style.

So, no I will not plan your wedding. I will however collaborate with you,  brain storm with you and I will work endlessly on the day of to make sure that all that hard work pays off. I know you’ve heard it a million times but hiring professionals for your big today, saves you time, money and energy. It also, as in the case with my other bride, might provide you with a history lesson in 90’s rap music, singing planner and all. 😉

Until next time, happy planning.

xoxo, Lauren