intimate wedding planning

Intimate Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Earlier this week, we featured our couple Caitlin & Chris who planned their wedding during COVID. We first met back in 2019, long before we thought anything could affect the event industry to such a large scale. We toured their venue in March 2020 to look at floral designs and go over logistics. A week later, we were in lockdown. While scaling back their wedding was a challenge, their day ended up just as meaningful and they were able to provide more attention to each of their guests.

intimate wedding planning

We are embracing the changes that are coming forth in the wedding industry since this pandemic and encouraging the new trend of more intimate weddings. You may have heard of micro-weddings and minimonies. What are the differences? Micro-weddings are about 50 or less people while minimonies are around only ten guests.

intimate wedding planning

The same attention to detail goes into an intimate wedding to create warmth and beauty in florals and decor. With some venue restrictions, these smaller gatherings may still require the same number of tables as a large event to guarantee proper distancing. Logistics for an intimate wedding are crucial to maintain a smooth timeline and adherence to protocols. Having all vendors on the same page is an absolute must.

intimate wedding planning

While the industry changes, we adapt along with it. We encourage you to consider an intimate event and talk to your wedding planner (contact us!) about how to plan an elegant dream wedding day.

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