Manly Mondays by Lurlyne

Nothing is better than a well-dressed man with confidence. Me personally I like a man who can get down and dirty if something needs to be fixed, but Monday through Friday I love the tailored look. But what is really all the rage this season in men’s fashion are the accessories, yes ladies, even men are starting to accessorize. So ladies…let’s not get caught slipping and make your own statement this season…stay tuned for Lauren’s On Trend Tuesdays.

But first, let’s take a look at the trends for Fall and Winter Men’s fashion. You can expect to see a lot of texture, patterns and bold colors this season like tweed, leather, velvet, yes velvet, florals, and paisley. But my favorite trend is the fur collar. I feel like a fur collar gives a rock and roll vibe. It’s saying “I’m a gentleman but I’m also a bad ass.” Love it! And no one pulls it off better than Mr. Lenny Kravitz. My other favorite mens accessory is the bowtie. Bowties used to be reserved for Urkel. Not anymore! They’ve gotten a facelift and are now being found on red carpets and fashion forward professionals. My favorite celebrity rocking the bowtie right now is Pharrell. He just has his own, quirky style and I love it! 

These are only a few of my favorite looks for men right now. I’m also really digging men’s shoes but that is a separate post. What is your favorite trend for men right now?


Until next time, happy planning!