Meet The Bride Next Door

Meet The Bride Next Door!

We said “Cheers!” to the new year because we love any excuse to make new goals, start new projects, and of course, drink champagne! After counting down to midnight we kicked into high gear for this exciting next year of 2017 brides and plans for Lauren O Events. We have been eager to introduce you to our brand new blog series, The Bride Next Door! We will be following a bride-to-be recently engaged this past Fall, bringing her dream wedding to life from ring to reception.¬†Planning the big day can be a little intimidating at first, but it helps to have¬†wedding planner friends to help along the way!

ring gif

First, the ring! We got out our “Oooohh, sparkly!” right away. We loved that her ring was Morganite and Rose Gold which is every pink lover’s dream and an amazing reflection of her personality and had a true glimmer in the light that made us swoon. We want to know everything, from how she really felt when he proposed to what is concerning her the most right now! Give us the details!!

We had to ask, “What’s next?”

“Oh boy, I’d say my three biggest concerns since day one have been DJ, Venue and Ceremony location, and food. As long as all three of those are good, I’m happy!”

So basically some food, music, and a place to enjoy both. Sounds like a no brainer!

“Lauren has helped me so much already because she told me what venues have the best food (serious priority) and also provide a ceremony space (so we don’t have to relocate). The DJ is next on my list, but baby steps here. I have a feeling seating will become a pain point but I’m not even putting that on my radar yet. I’m looking to only invite 150.. max. I’m also certain some people should not sit next to each other.. but we’ll talk about that one next time!”

With so many details going into the big day, having a wedding planner to keep you on the right path for the major stressors can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Stay tuned for more from Alyssa, our Bride Next Door as we take you on her journey planning her dream wedding, tackling the same obstacles you may be facing, and making some friends along the way!

Happy Planning!