Wedding Details and What they Cost

The “wedding” details matter. I know, that was kinda cliche, but it’s real. It’s also very real that those beloved wedding details can break the bank. Don’t worry, we’ll chat through the must-have details, what they cost and why you should include them in your wedding day. So let’s dig into those details that give us all the feels, what they cost and why they are must-haves.

Wedding Details – The Ceremony

Remember we said guests will remember how you make them feel? Well when we work with you to design your ceremony decor, the mission is – romance. We want your guests to feel the love as soon as they walk into the space. I know, you’re thinking “Romance, that sounds expensive.” It can be but we actually don’t recommend breaking the bank on ceremony decor. Instead of spending money on ceremony programs that will get tossed in the trash or end up on the ground and expensive aisle florals, focus on the altar. During the ceremony, the altar is photographed the most and it is where your guests will spend most of their time focused on. One way to add romance is through draping. Draping ranges from $500-$1200 and it’s worth every penny.

Ceremony details draping


We absolutely love florals! Having florals in your centerpieces is a wedding must-have! When talking decor and budget, consider the size and type of flowers you’re looking for. For example, those gorgeous white calla lilies and orchids in the photo below are going to cost a pretty penny – regardless of whether they are in season or not. So, don’t be afraid to mix things up. A mix of high and low arrangements with florals at different price points can add to up major savings. Expect to spend $85-$300 on lower florals and $300-$1000 on tall arrangements.

must have wedding details

Wedding Details – Cake, Cake, Cake!

Having a great dessert is absolutely essential to a wedding! We love cake and we love it, even more, when it’s dressed to impress. This is, however, where things get tricky. You see, custom cakes require custom coins and a lot of them. All of that gorgeous fondant work and edible gold costs! If you still want your cake to make a statement, consider adding florals to your cake or having multiple cakes to really elevate your design. Be prepared to spend $200-$800 on the cake.

The Sweetheart Table

must have wedding details reception

Remember the altar being the focal point during the ceremony? Well, the sweetheart table is the bell of the ball, uh reception. So, if you’re going to spend, spend here! Every penny spent on designing this space will be worth it. Start with your actual table, what will it look like? A custom table, maybe custom linen. Will you sit in gold chivaris or ghost chairs? And are we doing candles, florals, or both? And don’t forget the backdrop, sis! TIP: Make sure you’ve hired a wedding designer who can work with your planner to make sure you ball within your budget. Expect to spend $1,200-$5,000.

What details are you including in your wedding? We love talking decor and budgets (here’s a fav on the budget breakdown)! Let’s chat about how Lauren O & Co. can help bring your wedding vision together.

Photographer: @amyanaizphoto
Designer/Florist: @bdazzled_events