Newlywed Bliss: After The Wedding

You spend hours crafting every detail of your wedding day. The anticipation for the event can create a whirlwind of emotions. We spend so much time talking about planning your big day, we got asked for some post wedding tips for the newlywed couples! Keep the excitement going by making a plan for your post wedding adventures.


Have a Honeymoon Checklist

You know we love our checklists!¬†You are going to be on cloud 9 after your wedding, having a bullet point list of what comes next will keep you on track! Details such as times, locations and a general plan of where you’re traveling to will diffuse any stress. Your honeymoon should be a time to celebrate as a couple and enjoy the beginning of a new life together!

Lauren O Couple Newlyweds

Take A Breather

Create a buffer before heading back to your daily work routine by taking an extra day or two off to recoup at home. You’ll have a lot of excitement still lingering and throwing yourself back into early mornings may disrupt that blissful feeling. Ease yourself back and give time for any post wedding tasks like returning rented items, sorting thank you cards, and changing your name. You’ll be happy it’s taken care of before the responsibilities kick back in!

Lauren O Couple Newlyweds

Remember To Compromise

During your wedding planning process, you and your spouse have mastered the art of compromise. Remember all the important lessons you learned along the way about each other and what made your celebration so unique. Write a letter about how you felt during your wedding and vows, and the emotions that stick to these memories. Stash the letters away for the next big fight you get into, and then separately read them to remind yourselves how strong your love and ability to compromise is!


Until next time, happy planning!







Photos: RyonLockhart Photography