On Trend Tuesdays…Denim

Inspiration comes to me in the weirdest ways. I was brainstorming the perfect shades blue & pink for a wedding. It had to be preppy with a touch of nautical. Soft but no Easter pastels. During a trip to the grocery store I came across the perfect shades of blue and pink on a package of seafood stuffing at the grocery store. So, of course I bought the stuffing and saved the packaging for my inspiration board. You gotta do what you gotta do in the design world. lol

Yesterday I sat talking to Sean about early 2000’s fashion *cringe*. Sean, the fashionisto that he is, expressed his sadness over the end of the denim jean suit. After telling him that the jean suit was wrong, VERY wrong. I tried to explain to him the current denim trend. I’ll let you imagine how that went…lol

Our discussion was the inspiration for this new blog series I’ll be sharing with you, On Trend Tuesdays. Here I’ll post an inspiration board based on a client design I’m working on, something in life that inspires me or inspiration I find at the supermarket.

In honor of Sean’s denim affair, this first On Trend Tuesday is dedicated to denim. I’ve put together a few images of my fave ways that denim is being worn right now. I’m loving a tough denim shirt with a really girly and feminine skirt. The deconstructed denim and mismatch denims are two of my favorites right now as well. I’m a really conservative girl, so Jessica Alba’s look with the bold pink shoes and soft blazer are right up my alley. And only Kim Kardashian could wear a t-shirt and jeans and make it look sexy and casual all in one.

What’s your favorite look?

Until next time, happy planning.