Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2018: Ultra Violet | Wedding Wednesday

The color purple has our hearts and finally has captivated the world with it’s mesmerizing hue. So much so, Pantone declared Ultra Violet, or shall we say, our oh so favorite color PURPLE to be the color of the year. We truly cannot contain our excitement here.

What are the best ways to integrate this color into your wedding? You know we have been ready for this question! While there are so many ways for this color to make a statement in your big day, we have some tips for some subtle and stylish ways to incorporate the hue.

ct wedding planner lauren o and co wedding

ct wedding planner lauren o and co weddingFlorals

OF COURSE, FLORALS! Do you know how many florals are perfectly purple? Our favorites? Lilacs, Peonies, Sweet Peas, Aster, Hydrangea.. just to name a few. No matter what season your wedding date is in, there will be a flower that captures the timeless beauty of Ultra Violet.


Uplighting is a great way to add segments of color to a wedding without physically throwing it on the wall. You can rent these through various vendors you already plan to book for your wedding. Often, the venue will make suggestions or your wedding planner can point you in the right direction. What we love about uplighting is the ease and flexibility of placement and color. You can truly tailor your exact shade to the light and cast a stunning glow on decor, empty wall space, or an area you want to draw attention to.



Decor items and centerpieces are great to pull a little extra attention to your love of purple. Pick up candle holders, candelabras, dishes and linens. Adding in these small details will create a cohesive flow of ultra violet throughout your decor without overpowering with color.

ct wedding planner lauren o and co wedding

Finally, Ultra Violet, a.k.a., our favorite color purple has stolen the show for 2018! Considering using a purple hue for your theme? Want to know how to incorporate some subtle touches or bold displays? Let’s chat.

Photo credits: Chike Photography, Antonia Rocha Photography