Place Setting Perfection

Lately, we have been talking a lot about budget and some major money blunders that can set back your wallet while planning. At this point, we should coin our catchphrase as “put the Pinterest down!” It is so easy to get caught up on those perfect photos of floral arrangements, huge buffets, and the dream table arrangement in a huge venue. Unless you just won the lottery, adding up each detail of a place setting can exceed your budget. Multiply that dream table cost by 20. As we have mentioned before, so many place setting photos in magazines and websites as inspiration are styled shoots. This means a budget was set for that one table and can often costs thousands. Imagine replicating that table times 20 to accommodate the rest of your guests! How can your place settings look as perfect as the Pinterest versions but stick to your budget?

Place Setting Styled Shoot

Plan To Multiply

Determine how much of your budget can be used towards place settings and then divide by the number of guests. Knowing exactly how much can go to each setting will set you up for success. Choose pieces that can be bought in bulk, rented, or may come included with your catering or venue package. From linens, stationery and decor, each item will be multiplied by your 150 guests, so that $5 charger isn’t so affordable anymore.

Styled Shoot Farmington Gardens

Minimize What You Can

Rather than opt for individual floral arrangements, candles, and accents for each place setting, consider simplifying. A large arrangement in the center of a banquet table, or single flowers on round tables will cut back costs significantly. Save the funds for additional pieces of decor on one table: yours! Let your bride and groom table stand out while pulling in accent flowers and colors on the remainder of the tables.

Place Setting and Decor

Get Creative!

There are so many DIY options to cut costs and be creative with your place settings. We love craft store finds and repurposing items like these geometric candle holders to add gold accents to the table. By including just one of the signature flowers from the wedding, the table’s decor remains simple but stays rich with draped fabric and a picture frame for the table number. We have used vintage license plates, family mementos, and recycled vases to add personality while saving our bride’s budgets! As a planner and coordinator, it’s all about reinvention. Given the theme, the creative side of our brain kicks in to recreate your inspiration with everyday items.

Vintage Place Setting

No matter what your inspiration is, keep in mind you need more than one table to be decorated! Your guests will appreciate detail in your place settings, and DIY touches will let your personality shine through. This is the best time to get creative and one of our favorite aspects of the wedding planning process. Let’s look at your pictures (because I know you ladies don’t know how to stay off Pinterest!) and start brainstorming. You’d be surprised how many items are in your local dollar store. Don’t forget the craft store! Always check what is available for purchase online in bulk to cut your spending. Your planner can help you set aside the overall budget. Then, divy it up to get the most out of each place setting. We got your back! Now let’s get planning!


Until next time!

Photo: 1,2: Rachel Girouard Photography  Venue: Farmington Gardens 3: Chris & Becca Photography 4: JC Carley for Robert Norman Photography Florals: Leah Demo