Planning a first look or first touch

Planning a First Look or First Touch

Wedding Planning

What is a first look? Ever heard of a first touch? These are two styles of photos taken prior to the ceremony of your wedding. In recent years, these have become a popular way to have a special moment with your spouse-to-be before walking down the aisle. You know, those pesky cold feet.

First Look

The first look has become a recent tradition for a couple of reasons. First, it is a way to see and speak with your fiance prior to the ceremony which can often alleviate having an emotional walk down the aisle. This also gives a broader window of taking photos before the ceremony to save time for formal photos before the reception.

First Touch

The first touch is a little quicker but has the same sentiment. Rather than seeing one another, the two are moved together around a corner or wall to hold hands and exchange a few words. The bride may even sneak up behind the groom but he’s not allowed to look. A first touch has to go a little quicker to avoid seeing one another.

Planning a first look or first touch


Now the tricky part, coordinating. In either case, there have to be several eyes on both the bride, groom, and any wandering guests to make sure everything goes smoothly. Make sure to communicate with your wedding planner and photographer how you want this special moment to take place so they can work together to achieve your vision. Contact us to talk more about planning special details on your wedding day! Click here!

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