How Much Does a Wedding Planner in Raleigh, NC Cost?

We’re going to be real here – wedding planning in Raleigh is all fun and games in the beginning. So many options! Collecting all your ideas, joining The Knot to ask about vendors, starting to scope out local venues. Often couples enjoy the excitement of these first steps. But the closer you get to the wedding day, the more stressful it gets – juggling multiple vendors, rentals, and managing the venue setup. All while trying to manage your emotions and excitement surrounding your big day. This is why planners exist. Wedding Planners in Raleigh know wedding costs add up quickly, and we’re going to help you understand why a planner should be one of your line items.

Average Cost of Wedding Planner in Raleigh, NC

There is no hard-and-fast rule to calculating how much a wedding planner will cost. Every wedding is unique so it is impossible to know until we have a conversation about expectations and needs. There’s really no way to accurately estimate an exact price tag until you start talking with planners. When it comes to weddings, no budget is the same.

Our pricing is based on a number of factors, and we prepare a custom proposal for all of our prospective full-service planning couples. As a starting point, our event management pricing begins at $3,500 and full planning starts at $10,000. But trust me, we’re worth it and so are your time and sanity! 

We do offer different tiers of wedding planning services, depending on what you are looking for: Wedding Planning Services | Lauren O & Co. (

Why Lauren O and Co is Worth It In Raleigh

Deciding to hire a wedding planner is one of those things many newly engaged couples go over and over in their head, trying to decide if the cost is worth the benefit. Before you get into the planning, it is hard to see the benefit – but as soon as you start contacting vendors and venues you will see why a planner is worth it. Wrangling all the pieces that come together to create your dream day isn’t a job you leave to an amateur.

With all of your vendors and coordination at stake, it’s important to remember that you’re paying for a professional service. It doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of money into your budget to make sure that everything goes smoothly on your special day. Save yourself the headache – give us a call!

Perks of a Planner

A wedding planner will assure you get the absolute most from your budget and that your wedding day goes off without a hitch. You’ll start the day sipping mimosas with your girls, and the night dancing with your boo, without any stress in the world knowing you got everything you wanted on your day.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s something to be said for having an expert handle the details. A professional planner has all the right connections (from caterers to entertainment) and resources to plan a remarkable event on time and on budget, which means you don’t have to think about them at all.

Think of hiring a wedding planner like hiring someone to make your wedding cake—you wouldn’t try to do it yourself because the baker knows best how to achieve perfection. Likewise, a pro is more likely than you are to nail down everything necessary in order for your day not only to survive but thrive. No one wants a Betty Crocker wedding.

FAQs about A Wedding Planner in Raleigh

As it turns out, asking questions is actually your first step to finding answers. Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, so take some time to ask as many questions as possible. We’re open, and here to answer all the questions you may have.