Rescheduling Your Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

With 2020 in the rearview and the Spring wedding season gearing up we are still facing uncertainty in the wedding industry. Vaccines are going well and capacity limits are on the rise, and we are hopeful the wedding industry will get back on track as we transition into the Spring. However, there is still uncertainty, especially for couples with larger guest counts expecting to get married in the near future. If you just got told by your venue your date has to get moved…

Don’t panic!

Lauren O Couple Newlyweds

Do: Work with your vendors to choose a new date.
This is where the magic happens. We hope you’ve hired a wedding planner or at least now know you need one (if not, see our tip below). Once you’ve received word that you must select a new date, work with your vendors as you select a new date. The best advice is to pick two dates the venue has available and poll your vendor’s availability. We love using the free tool Doodle for this, you can pop in the dates, send them to everyone and easily collect the information. Be flexible and understand that your vendors are likely working with several couples desperate to move their date. Talk through the options and be open to a date you might not have considered before.

Don’t: Start canceling your venue/vendors.
Canceling your contracts will leave you out a lot of time and money. Communicate with your vendors on their rescheduling options. Retainers are typically non-refundable, and by this time you have invested quite a bit into your wedding. So, don’t cancel – reschedule. Again, remaining open and flexible is the key here.

Do: Revise your wedding checklist
Time to sit back and relax. Even though you were counting down it’s time to take the extra time to go over your wedding details, enjoy your time with your fiance, and wait until it gets closer to your new date.

Do: Contact your wedding planner (or hire one asap!)
Having a wedding planner to reach out to your vendors, help navigate through your best rescheduling options, and lend suggestions on your next steps will relieve the major rescheduling woes brought along by COVID. If you have a planner, trust them. Allow them to guide you through this process. If you don’t, hire one ASAP!

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