Save The Date

Happy engagement season! We are so happy to see the smiling faces and shining rings of bride-to-be’s popping up on our social media. We know the feeling! You want to shout your wedding date from the mountain tops! Hold on, you need a date first before sending out any mail! Our last blog gave some pointers and questions to ask yourself when creating your guest list. Once you have your invitee list ready to go, it’s time to get your wedding date on their calendar. You do have a date, right?

Choosing a wedding date seems as simple as choosing a day, but factors such as your venue, budget, and even attendee availability can change when you get married. We start looking at venues right away with our brides. Especially if they have specific requirements, or places in mind, it’s best to tour and ask questions.

What season are you looking to get married?

Are you set on a weekend or can you be flexible?

Will you require any special accommodations of your venue?

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Your budget will thank you if you’re flexible. Many venues will offer a discount or additional options in their package if you look to book on a date that is not as high demand. Sundays, weekdays, and the off season can offer more bang for your buck because the venues are looking to fill up their calendar. Also consider your guests’ attendance. Many people are invited to several weddings in any given year and could have to pick and choose if the dates are too close together. Don’t be afraid to set your date apart and choose the beautiful, crisp Autumn, or even get married on a Thursday!

Send out your save the dates knowing not everyone can attend. You’ll follow the same etiquette for your invites but have better feedback on the date during the first round. A Save The Date is intended to lock in this detail. But you don’t have to have everything decided when sending them out. They can be less formal than an invitation and very simple with just your name and the wedding date, of course. If you haven’t chosen a theme yet, keep it clean and choose one color you know you’ll be incorporating into your big day as an accent.

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Save the dates have become popular as an announcement, as well as to ensure guests have enough time to pencil in that day and start making any arrangements. Keep in touch with friends and family by creating a wedding website of your current information. Formal invitations will include details such as plus ones, the location, and require an RSVP. Make sure you are maintaining the same etiquette starting with the first piece of mail. Always list all guest names on the envelope to avoid confusion. Loop back to our invitation etiquette blog for some more information on this topic.



Until next time, happy planning!







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