Say ‘Yes’ to Engagement Photos

Girl, listen, you need to say YES to engagement photos! If you have been following us on Instagram, you know we are big fans of the engagement photo session. Not just big fans, we always suggest you get it done. These are often included in what you are paying your photographer for your big day, so consider it a freebie!  

Here are three reasons why we say “YES” to engagement photo sessions:

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Tell your love story:

One of the best things about an engagement photoshoot is how much fun they are. Couples often use these photos as a well to tell their love story. When you are planning your location, outfits, and props, make it fun! Where did you and your boo meet? What do you two do in your free time? What is unique to you and yours? A favorite coffee spot, long strolls down the aisles of Target with Starbucks in hand, a local park where you had your first date, a karaoke bar when he fell in love with your version of Single Ladies? Maybe you are both big Panthers fans and want to take photos at a tailgate. Get creative!

Whatever it is that means something to you guys, include it! We’ve had clients take engagement photos abroad, in their local coffee shops, in the town they worked and met in, or even in the home they share. All are truly fabulous. The hope is that when you look back on these photos, they make you smile and remind you of when you both first met.

Shake off those photoshoot nerves:

Engagement photo sessions are when you get to know your photographer and when you get to shake off all the awkwardness before your wedding day. It’s ground zero for pushing aside all those nerves.

We get it. Being in front of the camera can feel very awkward for most of us! We never know what to do with our hands… But an engagement photoshoot is a test run to get familiar with how to pose in front of a camera.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to get to know your photographer! Remember, you will be spending your entire wedding day with your photographer – it helps to know what they are all about. Make sure your personalities mesh and make sure all of you are on the same page.

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Engagement Photos as wedding decor:

Yeah, photos are worth 1,000 words- but engagement photos also have 1,000 uses. These photos can also be framed and showcased at your wedding. They can be used as Save The Dates, or thank you cards for you Bridal Shower. THey can be used as a guestbook at your wedding, or centerpieces on the tables (it’s your day after all). These photos have many uses during your wedding season, and even after because they will always be a reminder of where your relationship started.

Added Bonus: Engagement photos are a great time to work with some of your other vendors. Plan your hair and makeup trial date accordingly, and get your look right.

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The goal is to not over think these, and make them fun. They are important, but they are exciting! Have fun with it!