Saying Yes to the Wedding Dress!

High-end fashionista or functional and fab, choosing a wedding dress is a different experience for every bride. We see so many gorgeous ladies stressing out over the process, but this should be a fun time to focus on yourself completely when planning your big day. Take the pressure off and get your heels on, we’re going dress shopping and guiding you with some tips on who to bring, how to choose, and how to stay on budget!

Wedding Dress in Window

One bride to another, I completely get it. I too felt the pressure to pick out the “perfect dress” and had plenty of people trying to give me their two cents. As a wedding planner, I knew this decision had to come down to how I felt and nothing else. I wanted to be comfortable but glamorous, and I knew I NEEDED to be able to dance. Just like I say with all other aspects of wedding planning, start out with a list of priorities:

What do you consider your personal “style” to be? Bold? Traditional?
What neckline and train are you looking for? Sweetheart neckline? Strapless?
Will you be dancing in this dress? Do you want a wardrobe change for the reception?

Next, consider who you want to bring with you, not just who wants to go with you.

If your mom has always been your shopping confidant, and your best friend/maid of honor gives you the honest truth, make sure you bring people who will let you know how things look and not just what you want to hear. Avoid bringing too many people or the process will get overwhelming. With so many opinions, it will make trying on dresses take a lot longer and agreements harder to come to. Best advice: bring someone who will be honest but respect your decision. This will also be a very emotional moment so having someone there who will stay objective is an absolute must!

Bride In Dress

Put the Pinterest down! I can’t say this enough! What is flattering on one person may not fit you like you envisioned, so getting your hopes up for a Cinderella gown that weighs a ton and you have to keep pulling up all night may be the opposite of what works for you! Stay away from trendy dresses (that are often budget busters!) and look for a fit and style that will leave you feeling confident. A timeless dress is what makes you feel the best when you have it on, not necessarily what’s in magazines.

Will this dress work with my veil and accessories?
Will I be comfortable for the entire ceremony and reception?
Is this dress in my budget?

Try on as many as you need to but avoid consuming too much time in one day and getting overloaded with options. It’s ok to try out a couple different styles and then narrow down based on budget, fit, and comfort. Any dress can be tailored to fit you perfectly, but make sure you can move around!

Wedding day in dress

Grab your best shopping partners, your heels, and your undergarments (yes, make sure you have options to go with any dress!) and make an appointment to go dress shopping! As a planner, we are always happy to support you and help with any decision, but this is a big one you truly have to make on your own. Make sure you can still dance, mingle, and enjoy your night while feeling your best. When you have on the perfect dress, trust me, you’ll know.


Until next time, happy planning!







Photo 1: Melani Lust Photography 2: JC Carley for Robert Norman Photography 3:Chris & Becca Photography