Sharing Your Wedding With Your Kids

When you and your fiance mesh your lives together, it’s important to keep in mind the changes that take place to create your family. If you already have children, your wedding day is just as important to them as it is to you. Marriage unites two families into one. Your kids will now be looking up to your love as an example of happiness, prosperity, and the union they will one day celebrate themselves. Including your kids into the rituals and ceremony of your big day shows them just how important they are to you both, and will create a smooth transition into the new family dynamic. Sharing your wedding with your kids will start a beautiful new family!

Kids Dancing at Wedding

A couple tips to including kids is to be open and honest about everything. This is a very exciting time to them as you gain a spouse, they gain a new parent. Ask them how they feel about the process and how involved they want to be. Depending on their age, you may want to give them responsibilities so they feel they are contributing to the planning. If they are more shy, your wedding planner can help you find ways to make them a part of the ceremony and reception without making them uncomfortable.

Wedding Ceremony with Daughter

Showing your kids they are just as much a part of the wedding as you and your fiance is crucial to the transition. We love how Lauren and Nick invited their daughter into the ending of the ceremony to symbolize the togetherness of their family. The photo captured will be an amazing memory as she grows up and sees the love she was a part of, and how much love they have for her.

Wedding Portrait with Everyone

Let them have their moment. No matter what age, making time for your kids to have a solo dance, a special toast, or even a separate seat to make them know they aren’t just another guest will make a big difference. Your big day will hold so much more importance as newlyweds and a new family. Be open and honest when sharing your wedding with your kids and make sure they know it’s their day, too!


Until next time, happy planning!







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