Splurge Worthy Wedding Details

We talk a lot about budget. It’s important to us as wedding planners to go over budget with our brides. Once we know what we have to work with, we help where to draw lines and reel back spending. We pride ourselves on knowing the dollar signs of all types of vendors near and far, and how to DIY any Pinterest inspired decor. We also know when planning a wedding, there are details that are especially important to bring your long awaited dream to fruition that simply deserve to have some extra funds allotted to! What are some splurge worthy wedding details?

Bride Carriage Entrance

The Entrance

We still swoon over this photograph of our Lauren O. bride making her grand entrance on a horse drawn carriage. Like a scene out of a movie, it was this bride’s dream to build the anticipation and have this magical moment captured to look back on with her husband forever. The reactions from her guests were simply priceless, and we definitely feel it was well worth cutting some extra cash from her budget to make this mesmerizing vision she held onto during her planning process to life. Sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra to not regret a big part of your wedding day dream!

New Britain Museum of American Art Ceremony

Eolia Mansion Wedding Venue

The Venue

First things first, the venue is a huge part of your planning and budget. This is typically the first thing we urge brides to pin down before starting on any additional details because of what the venue can offer and what it can restrict. That being said, the venue is definitely splurge worthy because of how important it is to the entire function of the wedding. This is also what brides have in mind the clearest when explaining their dream wedding! Your seating, photographs, ceremony, and so many other details are going to be molded by your venue so you want to make sure it is absolutely perfection. The first photo above is a surreal vision of artwork as the entire wedding was held in a museum! The second photo reflects the ethereal ambiance of none other than a mansion complete with intricate gardens and grand patio. If any part of a wedding deserves a bigger portion of the budget, we definitely suggest to give it to the venue!

wedding food

The Food

Yup, you probably saw this one coming! Food is so important to your wedding! The reception is based around a sit down meal or buffet style smorgasbord.  Either way you want to spin your catering style, your guests are sure to get hungry and will surely appreciate some quality, delicious goodies to keep them moving and grooving all night long. Consider what you are going to want to eat on this big celebration and go from there! Trust me, you’ll thank yourself when you finally get a moment to sit and grab a bite and your guests will appreciate the extra splurge on some decadent dishes.

Bride Hair and Make Up

Your Hair & MakeUp

Lastly, we wanted to touch on a detail that can often get overlooked: the bridal hair and makeup. We recommend booking a hair and makeup artist for at least yourself. Then offer it to your bridal party to purchase on their own. Having your hair and makeup done professionally will make the world of difference. Think about when you’re hours into your wedding and ready to get your groove on. Expert level hair and makeup will withstand humidity, dancing, and the long day ahead. Remember, you’re getting ready in the early morning. You’ll thank yourself when looking back on your photographs to see not a hair out of place. Each photo will have that perfect glow on your cheekbones. Remember, all eyes are on the bride – the last thing you need is a makeup meltdown mid reception!



Until next time, happy planning!







Photo 1,5 : Photographer: Alicia Ann Couture; Horse & Carriage: Allegra Farms 2: Venue: New Britain Museum of American Art Photographer: Chris & Becca Photography 3,4: Photography: Melani Lust Photography Venue: Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial Park Catering: Coastal Gourmet Catering