The Bride Next Door

Our Bride Next Door has been busy planning her dream wedding. With her┬áplanning timeline halfway done, we wanted to check in on where she’s at and what advice she has so far to newly engaged ladies.

Bride Next Door Wedding Planning White Board
1. What major items have you knocked off your checklist that left you with a “Phewww!” moment?
So far, we have the DJ (DJ Craig G, what whaaaat), the photographer (Rhymes with Sky), I got my dress at Everthine and have decided on the company who will print our invitations and paper goods. It feels so good to have the big things out of the way and the deposits paid but it also feels like those were the easy things. Now its the little details we are focusing on, which take a lot more brain power. And finalizing the guest list haha!
2. Do you have a theme? What vendors are you looking into?
If I had to put our wedding in a box, i’d call it Boho Chic. A mix of Boho Chic and Thrifty haha. I am trying to keep the cost down while still getting the vibe I want. Everyone who knows me know I am all over the place though, so theme has been a real challenge for me. One day I love boho, the next day I’m in Fila and the next I’m glammed out. I need to find a way to create and Alyssa themed wedding. Boho dress, Puma sneakers and my black moonstone choker lol!
We began talking to a florist who I will hire. She has been very helpful because I am not creative and need some ideas!
Bride Next Door Wedding Planning
3. What has you hung up on the guest list? Advice to newly engaged brides?
We have the guest list about 97% complete. I would say our biggest “issue” was the fact that we are having a Kid-Free wedding. We are also not handing out a lot of plus-ones. We realize this will cause a little push back and have experienced a little already. Honestly, there is one thing new brides need to just say over and over-like a mantra- IT IS YOUR DAY! It is no one else day. It is easy to lose sight of that when people have lots of opinions, or get angry about certain decisions you make but is coming out of your wallet (for us at least) and IT IS YOUR DAY! WOOSAH!
4. Save The Dates? Are you ready to make it “officially official”?
We finally decided on a design! This has been a challenge because I am not artsy and we don’t have a solid theme. We also didn’t want our picture on it. A lot goes into these- I need to have the guest list decided, I need to have an idea about the direction I want the wedding to go in a long time before the actual date. I can’t order ocean themed save the dates and decide to have a rustic themed wedding! It is just a lot. And to me, A big milestone. But design is done! All we need is the completed guest list! Next? Start collecting addresses..

What’s next?

Stay tuned for more details on the bride next door and her wedding planning!