The First Look


That moment the groom finally sees the bride is what we wait for in every romantic film. The pure, unplanned joy and excitement when the happy couple is about to say, “I do”.

Now, what if that moment is planned by a professional, expert photographer to capture every detail and second.

Wait… isn’t it bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony??

Many couples are opting for a more calculated approach to ensure their memories will reflect everything they envisioned for their big day. A “First Look” is a planned, staged scene where the groom sees the bride for the first time. Um.. how is that genuine? Well, the excitement and reaction is still the same! It just eliminates that drawn out step, together, step together, down the aisle as the groom breaks a sweat waiting for his bride to finally get down those rows of family members!

thesurprise the first look!

By arranging a first look photo session, those sequenced images of the bride covering the groom’s eyes in anticipation to surprise him, or peaking from behind a door are authentic reactions, just amplified for the romantic effect! This creative way to capture that moment creates a more personal, intimate setting for the couple to see each other before their nuptials. We love beautiful photography the couple has to tell a story with after the evening is done!

No pressure here to create this moment from scratch. Your wedding planner will style the shoot and incorporate any props needed to complete the vision. Your planner and photographer will work closely together on this for location and timeline, so all you have to do is be there!


Photos: MelanilustPhotography

Whether your “First Look” be traditional or a little more calculated, the genuine excitement and love is the most important detail in capturing that priceless moment!