Ticking Timeline

Hopefully, you took advantage of downloading our 2017 Wedding Countdown Checklist at the beginning of the month. If you’re still treading slowly and need to step up your planning game, no worries, you can get it here:


As you check off major steps in your list, a viable timeline should also be on your radar for vendors that day. Many vendors such as your photographer, hair and make up team, caterer, and coordination crew, will need to know what time frame they need to be there when you book. Wait, so that can be a year out before the date.. or more! Never fear, your wedding planner is here. It is our speciality to start the timeline right away. After our first consultation we’re already planning a week, month, and year out, and then assembling your big day at the same time! It’s like vendor tetris.


Who, What, Where!

Once you get your list of booked vendors started, it can definitely seem overwhelming. Making sure everyone arrives with plenty of time, adheres to their time frame, and knows exactly where to go is not what you should be concerned about on the day of your wedding. We need the tables out before the florists can put on the centerpieces, the photographer wants to capture pictures of hair and make up being done, and the venue won’t let you into the bridal suite until 10am! Think of your wedding planner as the ultimate scheduling guru. We know what to ask the vendors and how to block their time appropriately to make sure everyone is at the right place, at the right time.

wedding day timeliine

Tick, Tock

We start our planning process months out from your date so we can act as the point of contact for your vendors. By creating this relationship, it is much easier if timing needs to be changed and you don’t have to juggle red pens and note pads. The sooner we team up, the better. This also allows constant communication between the vendors as we fine tune details approaching your wedding. Same page, happy day.

florist and boxes

With vendors, friends, and family pouring in and out the last thing you need to have is a clip board and checklist in hand. It’s your wedding day! Leave it to your wedding planner to make the call when someone is running late, or show the florist where to set down her boxes. Let yourself be pampered and loved and we’ll be by your side to let you know when you need to get the dress on and make your wait to the aisle.

Make sure you download our Wedding Checklist so you can keep track on your own what steps to take. Like taking yours truly on the go, keeping tabs on the major milestones will put your mind at ease, and also help you decide what your wedding needs and what may be beyond your vision or budget. We have the checklist memorized, so if you ever feel overwhelmed, just give me a call and we can chat.

Until next time, happy planning!


Photo 2: Melani Lust Photography