wadsworth mansion wedding ct

Tips on Choosing a Venue

Wedding Planning

Your venue sets the whole stage for your wedding. We always encourage our couples to decide on date, budget, and venue right away for a solid foundation to their planning process. The venue will determine so many factors that go into your wedding day.

wadsworth mansion wedding ct


The overall vibe of your venue has to feel right. We have planned weddings in ballrooms, backyards, castles, barns, farms, you name it! When you step into your venue space you should just have that gut feeling that it’s right for you. Check out every detail on your venue tour so you have a full view of the place. The same goes for an outdoor space. Check out where you’ll be taking pictures, how the cocktail reception space feels, and details that will be part of your photographs.

Caitlin & Chris at The Litchfield Inn
Photographer: Sam Coba Photography

Have an indoor option!

Always have a plan b in case of inclement weather. No matter what time of year you’re getting married, there’s always a chance you’ll be sent indoors. If you’re planning an outdoor or tented reception, make sure your venue has an option to move everything indoors if necessary!

rhymes with sky photography ct wedding planner
Rhymes with Sky Photography

What’s included?

Knowing what’s included and what you’ll have to book/buy on your own is a huge factor when choosing your wedding venue. Some venues will offer catering, alcohol, decor, rentals, and more. Other venues may require you to put in more work but open you up to choosing your own vendors. Decide what route you want to take when deciding on your wedding venue.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help! Let’s chat if you’re ready to book your wedding planner to help make some of these big decisions and keep you on track. Contact us!

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