Wedding Planning Resolutions

Another New Year, another list of resolutions and plans to start in January.

The questions is, what are your wedding planning resolutions? Sure we all want to eat a little healthier, get some extra exercise, and maybe start all the projects we started and forgot about in 2016, but let’s prioritize here! Your wedding planning will go so much smoother and leave you time for all those other plans if you start the year out right. If you’ve been engaged for a bit now or just said “Yes!” this holiday season, 2017 is all about organization and staying on track.

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Make A List

Having a concrete checklist is still an important, tangible reminder of every component of the wedding. From the small details to booking vendors and having a time frame to tackle each step will guarantee nothing is missed. We all do most things on a computer, but we never discredit the power of a paper to cross off steps as we go. Next week, we will be revealing our master wedding planning checklist when we introduce a new blog series to kick off 2017!


It takes a team to put it all together!

Utilize Your Resources

Not everyone is a professional wedding planner, but that’s why we’re here! Opting to have a wedding planner eliminates a huge stress of uncertainty. Since this is all new to you it’s beneficial to have input from someone who knows the ins and outs of the process and can give you a solid foundation to build your vision on. Not everyone has the luxury to have Florists, DJs and Caterers in their friend group! Your planner will know the best timeline to book certain vendors and offer guidance to the million ideas running through your head.


And they lived happily ever after…

Step By Step

Take it slow. By starting off with a game plan, it’s all about time management. You don’t need to jump on the phone and start booking the moment you say, “Yes!”. In fact, make sure you savor that moment before even starting your planning journey. We see you girls with your big wedding planning binders bustling to get every vendor locked in, but make sure you compare and make sure you’re not rushing into booking something you may later regret! Sit down and talk with your groom-to-be over what’s important to both of you. DJ or Band? Color scheme? What portion of your budget should you alot to each component?  Knowing what you both agree on will make decisions much easier down the line!

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Thankfully we’re all organized! Bring it on, 2017!
















We’re finishing our list of resolutions to make 2017 the best year possible! We find when we create a concrete list of attainable goals and set up a timeline to fulfill them, our year gets started off on the right track. Staying organized, utilizing all our resources, and taking each step towards accomplishing them slow and with a plan guarantees we exceed our expectations. We have a lot planned for 2017 and a lot of new, exciting announcements coming your way. We are excited to see our 2017 brides’ journeys unfold and meet some new couples along the way.

Happy New Year & Happy Planning!







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