Wedding Registry 101

Happy Memorial Day! On this lovely day of BBQs, family, and sun (well, some sun!) we thought a blog on wedding registries would be the perfect set of tips to take advantage of your holiday! A registry doesn’t have to take a while and can easily be put together in a day without even having to leave the house.¬†Throw your feet up on the patio and set up your laptop. Let’s tackle your wedding registry!

champagne and gifts

1. Overstock Your List

Having more gifts than guests is not a bad thing! Not only does it give more choices on what items can be purchased, but it allows you to double up on important items (you know, the ones you actually need!).

2. Consider All Price Ranges

Having registries at multiple locations is the best way to do this. Options are the best way to ensure your guests will feel comfortable purchasing a gift and stay within their own personal budget.

3. Take Inventory

This is your opportunity to be gifted items you actually need! Think of big picture here. Are you purchasing a home? Will you be planning to move? What is missing in your kitchen, living room, etc. You can always update your registry along the way once you see items are purchased. You also want to make sure most (if not all) of your registry is available online for convenience.

4. Share With Your Guests

This seems like a no brainer but has to be mentioned — make sure your guests know how to access your registry! You can do so by making mention on your stationary when sending out RSVPs. In the digital age, we highly recommend making a wedding website where your guests can access all information about your big day including hotel options, directions, attire, theme, and a link to your registry!

Amazon Wedding Registry

After receiving so many thoughtful items, make sure you keep in line with your Thank You Etiquette!

Until next time, happy planning!