Our 2017 Brides have us swooning over their signage as you may have seen on our Instagram lately! We’re singing some “Walk This Way!” as we grabbed some¬†quick photos of the attention to detail! It’s something we don’t always think about when planning the decor for a wedding, but giving your guests the appropriate directions can save a lot of hassle in the long run! Enlist your calligrapher and follow this fabulous trend of wedding signs!

KChalk Designs Wedding Sign

Menu & Drinks

The best and most creative way to relay the food and beverage options to your guests is with calligraphy! We loved the unique twist on the static paper menu from our Lauren O. Bride from last weekend! By using a simple block of wood, the expected food list was transformed into a rustic and charming piece of art! On a rustic easel, the signature cocktails created by the couples have their moment to shine!

KChalk Designs Wedding Sign

KChalk Designs Wedding Sign

This Way, Please!

Where to go? What goes where? A wedding venue can get a little confusing, no matter what the size. If you have an outdoor location or just want to direct your guests towards toward the bar, seating, or dance floor, setting up signage is a great way to do so! Even just as an introduction to the occasion! Our couple used a vintage style mirror with calligraphy with the date and commemoration of their nuptials!

KChalk Designs Wedding Sign

Create, Inspire, Grow.

A bucket list was the most adorable and interactive idea we have seen on signage in a while! Our lead planner, Ashley, captured this shot of the inspiring display on a vintage style metal chalkboard. Beneath the sign are tags on which the guests can write something the newlyweds can aspire to do. We love how the concept asks for an adventure!

KChalk Designs Wedding Sign


Special thanks to KChalk Designs (Instagram, Facebook) for creating all these stunning signs and being such a pleasure to work with. Truly transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, we cannot wait to see what calligraphy and designs you come up with next. We look forward to working with you in the future!


Until next time, happy planning!


May 22, 2017

Wedding Planning

Wedding Signs We Swoon Over